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At Fishing Enthusiast, we have helped thousands of wives, daughters, sons, brothers, and friends finally give a GREAT Fishing Gift to their Fisherman.

happy-warriors-and-quiet-waters-fisherman.jpg"Without a doubt...this gift is a huge hit! If you know someone that loves to fish...stop looking here. I got this for a friend and the excitement in his eyes said it all. Most importantly you will get GREAT customer service here. They are dedicated to making their customers happy. I have 100% honestly never had a better experience with a company. Thank you so much..this gift idea is pure genius!"

-Selena from Raleigh, North Carolina 

"As I searched for the valentines gift for the angler in my life, I came across several ideas for shirts and mugs that just didn't quite express what I was trying to say...and then I found lure of the month, classy well though out and a way to remind my angler I love him every month for the next year! Now hopefully he lets me borrow his lures! Thanks!"


"My dad received his first lure and was very pleased - it was a great surprise, and a great gift idea! Your company is great to deal with and I will spread that message!"

~Suzanne from Clifton Park, New York

"My brother-in-law eats, drinks and sleeps fishing - so this was the perfect Christmas gift for him! He loves trying new gadgets that will help him on his quest to catch that big fish that got away . . .The lures are so nicely packaged that he has kept some of them for displaying in his "fishing" themed home office. The company and David are wonderful to work with; their personal approach to customer service is fantastic and much appreciated!"


"As an avid and obsessed saltwater fisherman who just cannot get enough, I want to tell you that I received a lure of the month today and one last month and they are both awesome.  In fact, I couldn't have chosen better for myself.  My wife and daughters gave me a 3 month gift with your company and it's just great."

~Dave from New York

"I really appreciate your exceptional customer service in helping to get my son's birthday gift to him on time for his birthday! He is a fishing "nut" and I'm anxious to hear his response to your creative gifts.

My son did get his lure and enjoyed the packaging too. He is looking forward to the next arrivals. I am grateful for your willingness to ship the first lure in time for my son's birthday. It arrived at exactly the right day!"

~Judy from Crossville, Tennessee

"Thank you so much for offering this wonderful gift! I bought the saltwater lures for my boyfriend who is an avid fisherman and incredibly hard to shop for! I ordered this gift and not only did it come so quickly but he LOVED it! His first lure was a "classic" according to him and is looking forward to the next month! He loved it so much and I'm going to extend his membership! SUCH A GREAT GIFT...THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

~Lindsey from Palm Harbor, Florida

"I really enjoy getting the lures each month. I did slip out in June to a small remote lake in Northern Michigan to see about catching a big Northern Pike that had eluded me the prior summer. While I was fishing with the Daredevil from you sent a couple of months ago, I did manage to catch this nice largemouth.

 It was nice to get the flatfish last month - I grew up in Eastern Washington and 

wqw-4.jpgused to go fishing with my dad and we mostly used flatfish to troll for trout in the lakes there. It brought back some really fine memories for me when I opened the box. I almost hate to use it in case I lose it."

~Dan from Ann Arbor, MI

"I wanted to get the first few in before I gave you report on how my boyfriend feels about his gift. He just got his second one a few days ago and he said that's the best gift anyone has ever given him! He really is enjoying them and looks forward to each one! He thinks you are a genius for coming up with this concept!!"


"I purchased the Freshwater lure of the month as a Christmas gift for my husband. What a hit! If you want to make a fisherman happy this is the gift. He looks forward to his new lure every month. It's a gift that keeps on coming!"


"Thank you so much for the wonderful gift! My Dad loves his little lures!"

~Deborah from Buffalo, New York

"The lures are awesome and my husband loves the history note tucked inside. He just wishes he could go fishing more often! Thank you for your quick response to my email. I'll keep my eye open for the box next week."
-Sandie from Pleasanton, California

"Your Freshwater Lure of the Month gift was perfect. Our client was surprised and even I was impressed with your packaging. Keep it up. We'll be back."

~James from Denver, Colorado

"I ordered 12 month subscription for my husband last year. He LOVED IT! I'm going to extend his membership again this Christmas:)"


"Just want to express my appreciation of this great concept and great lures! My son wqw-daughter.jpggave me the Lure of the Month package. Today I used the Deep Baby Thunderstick (May). It's a killer in our local pond. At the 6th bass caught this morning, a large largemouth, it broke the line as I was attempting to pull in up from the water for a good photo (catch and release..was a bit too quick). Thanks!"

~Rick from Virginia

"This site is great! I never know what to get my husband for a gift, but your Trout Fly of the Month gift was perfect! He tells me your little stories every time the box shows up."

~Julie from Tallahassee, Florida

"I've heard of Hot Sauce of the Month, and Beer of the Month, but the Lure of the Month was the perfect gift to give my son who is just starting to get his own collection of fishing gear together. He's not old enough to remember these lures, but I am!"

~David from Erie, Pennsylvania

"My dad loves the lures! Thank you for being so fast with your response, I appreciate it. I was laughing to myself because my mom just called to let me know they never got it which means my father has been waiting for it which is good because it is very hard to find a gift that makes him this happy, lol!"

~Julie from Pennsylvania

"My dad loves it! I got this for my dad for his birthday and he loves it! He loves the little histories that come with the box and he looks forward to getting his new lure every month, he calls me everytime! Thanks!"

~Jamie from San Diego, CA

"My friend got his lure today and loved the gift! Thanks,"

~Kate from New York

"I bought the 3-month for my boyfriend's birthday, he's an old fashion-kinda guy and got SO excited that the lures came in the mail. he's also forgetful so every month it surprised him all over again :) great present, not sure how i'll top it this year. :)"

~Christina from New Jersey

"I have an autistic 8 year old son who loves to collect Fishing Lures. He wanted to join a fishing club. I emaile several places. Dave was one of the only ones who got back with me. The other ones who did, basically argued with me told me how my son would not benefit from something like this. My son loves it!!!! He waits and waits for his Lure to come. By the end of the month he is on pins and needles he is so excited. This is wonderful for both kids and adults! I couldn't imagine a better present to give a fisherman or collector! If you are thinking about, don't hesitate. They are wonderful here!! Dave was so helpful to me helping me to decide on things. It was one of the best things I have done for my son. If you have fisherman in mind, definitely join. It's basically getting a present in the mail once a month. who wouldn't love that? The Lures are absolutely beautiful and well worth the price too!"

~Nicole and Isaak Vogel

We received the lure for August earlier this week and  can I just say……WELL DONE!  That’s an awesome offshore lure!  Richard has been wanting to get some with a pretty good lip on them, and this one fills the bill. (no pun intended)  Should kill the kingfish with this one.  Thanks!