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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the right fishing gift?

It depends on where the recipient fishes! Those who fish along the coast, in saltwater areas, the Saltwater Lure of the Month is the perfect fishing gift.  For fishermen who fish in ponds, lakes, and streams throughout North America, you can't go wrong with the Freshwater Lure of the Month Club! And for those fishermen who are passionate Fly Fishermen, try out the Freshwater Fly of the Month Club. He'll Love It!

Questions on which one to select? Call, text, or e-mail Alexander and we will help you out very quickly!


When does each gift ship?

Each fishing gift ships out around the 23rd of every month.  All gifts will arrive during the last week of every month.  Please contact us if you haven't received the item by the end of the month.


How will I know when the gift for my fisherman has shipped?

Please log in to your account on and check the "Order Status"!